'WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1' consists of 17 tracks (almost 73 minutes of audio).  This album evolved slowly over a period of 4 years.  My initial focus was to assemble a non-artist driven package. I always thought of the album as a comprehensive display of my work.. much the same way a photographer demonstrates with a portfolio of images.  So, on one hand it was going to be my version of a resume and business card.. but on the other hand it is a full-length album.  I wanted to make a CD that represented who I was creatively in that period of time.

The album features recordings that began as early as 2005. I figured since I had been through audio school and had some recording experience under my belt.. this would be easy.  I was WRONG.  I quickly learned that recording and mixing an entire album on my own would be a huge undertaking; grueling, intimidating, and overwhelming. Editing and mixing was far more time consuming than I ever thought it would be. I felt crushed by it in the beginning. But.. I HAD to do it. The album was not going to complete itself. I had to just believe that I could do it. I chose to focus on bringing the best out of the content and putting everything I had into the creative elements of the album. The CD would never be as sonically perfect as I wanted it to be. I had to let go of whatever fears I had and just embrace any imperfections by making them work to my advantage.

Incidentally, there is a little instrumental track on the album entitled 'be' - track number 15. I created it on a day when I was feeling a little defeated and self-conscious about the song I'd been working on. I decided to let my ears rest from it.. and start a new track to create a little diversion. I didn't want to leave my seat as I could become easily get side-tracked. So I sat in front of the computer and found a nice dramatic string sound.. and I started playing chords. Fifteen minutes later I started recording.. Ten minutes after that I had this new & interesting little piece of music. When I listened to it.. just strings and a simple rhythm... I thought to myself.. 'this is pretty cool just the way it is. I'm not going to try to make it perfect.. or force it to be something it's not.  I'm just going to leave it alone.'  I think a lightbulb came on.. I felt like I needed to just accept everything I had done so far and continue to do the best job I could do, get over my apprehension, and simply let it be what it was going to be.  So that's exactly what I did until I finished the album.  I included the little minute long track I just talked about and appropriately titled it 'be'.
~ Lenny

"I've been asleep with the world at my feet for way too long... letting others speak for me... handing over the microphone and let them sing my song"
[from title track 'WAYOUT']

"Finally the debut album from Lenny Hamilton Jr has landed. I have followed Lenny's music for some time now, and I soon realized there was something special [about] this nice guy and his music. There was a special mood in the songs, the production was tight and the vocal arrangements were beautiful.  Wayout: Portfolio Vol. 1 is one of the best albums this year and one of the best debut albums in a long time.  Lenny is the future of soul music..."
[DJ Soulswede, 2010 / founder, Soulinterviews.com]


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