I grew up listening to a lot of soul, R&B, 70s disco.. you name it.  I was in love with Natalie Cole when I was 6 years old (my first singer-obsession).  I soon discovered 'Songs In The Key Of Life'.  I was too young to fully understand and appreciate this masterpiece at the time.  But, it resonated with me as I became older.  it is amazing that many of us are still listening to that album decades later.

I was lucky enough to grow up in an era of great music.  When Prince came on the scene with 'Purple Rain' in 1984, a whole new world opened up for me. I found an appreciation for music that transcends genre, race, culture, etc.  So, today I definitely have very diverse, eclectic tastes in music.  Even tho there are too many artists to mention, those who made an enormous and clear impact on me include Prince, Stevie, and Natalie.. but also people like Luther Vandross, Sade, Seal, Bryan Loren, Chuckii Booker, Daryl Coley, Sting, George Michael, Nile Rodgers, Jeff Lorber, producers Jam/Lewis to name a few.

After graduating from University of Miami with a degree in marketing, I continued to pursue a recording career as an artist.  I was surprised to discover I had other interests involving all things 'technical' and 'behind the scenes'. I went back to school for audio engineering and really loved it.  But, I had been neglecting my first love of producing, writing, and just making good music as an artist.

In the years since the release of my first and only full-length album ("WAYOUT") I have gained a huge perspective on what it means to be an artist / producer.  I was excited to put everything that I had learned over the years into a full-length CD.  I really love having the freedom to work in a more independent music environment.  The music business has changed so much over the years, so.. I don't have many rules anymore other than to just simply do what I love.

One thing I am really proud of is the way I've always been able to make what little technology I've had over the years sound good.  In my earlier recordings, I did my best to be clever in my approach to making music while using very limited resources.  The same is often true today, even tho I am no longer forced to record on a tiny little 4-track cassette machine.  I don't always have access to the best recording facilities in the world.. and I used to be very self-conscious about that.  Some people out there these days are making hits using their iPhones.  You just can't afford to waste time worrying about what you don't have.  Give me a little bucket pail and shovel.. my sand castles will have working fireplaces and chef's kitchen. (July 2013)

~ Lenny

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can"
[Arthur Ashe]

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